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Red Galangal Thai Restaurant Rouse Hill NSW

Popular Thai Food in Rouse Hill NSW

Popular Thai Soups in Rouse Hill NSW

Spicy Shrimp Soup (Tom Yum Goong): A refreshing Thai soup with bold flavours which are given by chilli, shallots, ginger (galangal), lemongrass, lime leaves and juice while straw mushrooms and fresh prawns balance the hot, sour, spicy flavours. Order It Here.

Chicken in Coconut Soup (Tom Kha Kai): This Thai soup is produced with tender chicken strips with chilli, galangal (ginger), lemongrass, shallots and fresh lime leaves in hot coconut milk to soothe the spicy kick. Order It Here.

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Popular Thai Salads in Rouse Hill NSW

Spicy Green Papaya Salad (Som Tum): An acquired taste, chilli, garlic, cherry tomatoes, green beans and raw papaya are ground in a mortar and pestle to create a spicy sweet and sour flavour. Dry shrimp, salted crab and peanuts are often used in this popular Thai salad. Order It Here.

Spicy Beef Salad (Yam Nua): Another popular Thai salad in Rouse Hill NSW combines coriander, lime, spearmint, dried chilli, onion and tender beef strips to offer a bold and spicy dish with flavour, which is also fresh and fieryOrder It Here.


Popular Thai Noodles in Rouse Hill NSW

Pad Thai or Thai Style Fried Noodles: A wonderful combination of either small, thin or wide noodles with egg, onion and beansprouts ready to be dressed in your choice of chilli, fish sauce, ground peanuts, sugar or all of the above. Order It Here.

Pad See Eiw or Thick Noodle Dish: Often cook with wide rice noodles which are stir fried in thick dark soy sauce with either beef, chicken or pork along with cabbage or Chinese Broccoli. It is an excellent option if you cannot handle other spicier Thai food. Order It Here.

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Popular Thai Stir Fried in Rouse Hill NSW

Chicken Cashew Nut (Kai Med Ma Muang): Another favourite Thai food in Rouse Hill NSW, moist sautéed chicken, sweet soy sauce, mushrooms, onions, carrot, chilli, honey and roasted cashews offer an irresistible contrast of textures and flavours. Order It Here.

Thai Fried Rice (Khao Pad): A common lunch dish combining herbs, onion, egg and fried rice then served with sliced cucumber and a wedge of lime. Again, dressings are you choice with popular options including chicken, crab or prawns and chilli, basil or leftover vegetables. Order It Here.


Popular Thai Curry in Rouse Hill NSW

Thai Red Curry (Gaeng Daeng): This Thai curry is often made with either chicken, lamp or beef, cooked till tender in a blend of coconut milk, red curry paste and kaffir lime leaves to achieve a delicate, fragrant, mild and sweet finish. Order It Here.

Thai Green Chicken Curry (Gaeng Keow Wan Kai): This popular Thai curry in Rouse Hill NSW consists of succulent chicken, bamboo shoots, tiny eggplants, coriander, and sweet basil is cooked with hot coconut milk and green curry paste to provide a delicious sauce for fragrant rice to soak up. Order It Here.


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